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Resignation Mail Format and Resignation Letter

How to Write a Small Letter of Resignation to Your Boss and HR. I included Small Resignation Email Format. Easy way to write Resignation Letter and Mail to HR and Your Boss. My Resignation Letter Mail format   To: Respected Sir, I am working here since 23rd August 2017 as Customer Service Officer. Due… Read More »

One day Urgent Leave Mail Formats

One Day Leave Application format with Reason, Urgent leave mail, urgen work leave, personal reasons leave, Emergency Leave Application, It is a common practice to write a leave application before taking leave, which has been running for years. Although the medium has changed from traditional paper to modern digital format, but the content of the… Read More »

Marriage Leave Application

How to Write Marriage leave application to boss and HR. My Marriage leave application format and Sample. Wedding Leave Application Sample. How to Write Marriage Leave Application to boss and HR Manager. We Provide here All Wedding Leave Application Sample and Formats with Short and Long Format. Wedding Leave Mail and Letter Format Also Available… Read More »

Festival Leave Application

We Provide here Festival Leave Application. Diwali Festival Leave mail, EID Festival Leave Application. Festival Leave Application Sample Every Festival Leave Application Sample and Letter Format. Dear Sir/Madam, Subject: Festival Leave Reques As discussed, I would like to apply for 5 days leaves from (1st January to 5th January 2020). I am requesting these leaves for (Name Of festival) and… Read More »

Sick Leave Application (Sample)

Hello Friends Today I am telling you How to write sick leave Application to your boss and HR. Sick leave Application Sample also Available in Email format and Letter Format. Sick Leave Application Email Format To: Subject; Sick Leave Application Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that I have been diagnosed with… Read More »

How to Write a resignation letter (Sample)

how to write a resignation letter to the boss. resignation letter for HR. relocation resignation letter sample available here.   Resignation Letter Sample This is an example of a resignation letter for when a spouse is relocating.   Bajrang Nox 123 Broadway Street Hyderabad, India 555-555-5555 April 15, 2019 Manohar Meena Manager, HR ABC… Read More »

Sick leave Application

how to write urgent leave application for sick. sick leave application format with the sample. Sick leave mail, Sick leave letter, Medical leave application. Sick leave Email Format The following is the Email format to be followed for writing a Sick Leave Mail to boss and Manager. To: Subject; Applying for sick leave Dear… Read More »

Holi festival leave Mail And Application Format

Hi, We Provided Holi Festival leaves application and mail format. Holi festival Leave Mail to Manager and Boss. Holi festival Latter Format also Available. Holi Leave Email Format The following is the Email format to be followed for writing a Holi Festival Leave Mail to boss and Manager. To: Subject: Holi Festival Leaves Dear… Read More »

How to write One Day Urgent Leave Letter and Mail to boss | Urgent Leave Format

Hello friends, I will tell you today how to mail a boss to an emergency leave, write a leave mail to boss. Urgent Work Leave Format. Dear Sir, Subject; Urgent leave I would like to apply for One day leave on 1st March 2019. I am request One Day leave for Urgent Work. So, I… Read More »

Reference to your promotion Latter Sample

Job Reference Latter Format Jessica M. Coles Systems Incharge, L&T Ltd. Miami, FL 33131 222-222-2222 L& 30th January 2018 Christopher Turner HR Manager, L&T Ltd. Mumbai, FL 334455 Subject: With reference to your promotion offer Dear Sir, With reference to your offer dated 05th January 2019 I am really grateful to you for offering me an executive accountant… Read More »